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Nirguneshvapi sattveshu dayaam kurvanti saadhavaha
Na hi samharate jyotsnaam chandraha chandaala veshmanaha

Good people show mercy even to those who are devoid of virtues. The moon sends moonlight even into a chandaala’s house.

Parokshe kaarya hantaaram pratyakshe priya vaadinam
Varjayet taadrisham mitram visha kumbham payomukham

One should avoid such a friend, who is like a pot-full of poison with milk on the surface, who spoils the work in one’s absence but speaks sweetly in one’s presence.

Yo dhruvaani parityajya adruvaani nishevate
Dhruvaani tasya nashyanti adhruvam nashtameva hi

He who leaves certainties and pursues uncertainties loses what is certain, while what is uncertain is already lost.

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