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According to the 12th chapter of Soorya Siddhanta, of the panchabhootas, Budha took birth from the earth. Astrology says that Mercury or Budha is formed from the earth.

According to Atharvaveda, Budha was born to Tara and Chandra. In addition to Atharvaveda, Matsyapurana and Bhagavata also speak about the birth and history of Budha.

The story goes on to say that Tara, wife of Brihaspathi, was attracted towards moon, who came to Brihaspathi in academic pursuit. Budha is the son of Tara and Moon. However, Rohini, wife of chandra brings up Budha.

Mahabharata tells a different story about Budha. It is said that Sudyumna, son of Vaivaswatha Manu turns into a beautiful dame after taking a dip in a lake. In his new form, he was referred to as Ila (pronounced as E-LA). Budha was drawn towards her and Manu agrees for their marriage. Both were blessed with a son named Puroorava. Budha did penance for Brahma and attained a position in the galaxy as a planet.

Brahma vaivartha purana says Budha married Kubera’s daughter Chitra. This relation resulted in a son named Chaitra.

Vishnu Dharmottara Purana provides a different story about Budha. King Kashyapa has three wives Aditi, Diti and Danuvu. Raja was the son born to Danuvu. Raja loved Vaaruni, daughter of Varuna or Neptune. As a token of love, Raja transferred all his powers to Vaaruni. Making use of these powers, Vaaruni ‘dissolved’ herself in water. However, Raja followed her and dissolved. During that time, Chandra or moon churned water for children. While the churning was in progress, Vishnu shows his reflection in water, resulting in transformation of water into devine luster. Then Brihaspati’s (Jupiter) wife Tara hands over this luster to Chandra or moon’s wife Rohini. Budha is said to have born out of this luster.

Budha’s appearance and nature:

Budha adorns yellow coloured garland. His body too is of the same colour. His four hands bear sword, shield, mace and Varamudra. He wears a golden crown. He uses lion as his vehicle. Budha is endorsed with razor sharp intellect, which made Brhama to give him the name Budha. He is known to be proficient in all sciences. According to Bhagavata, planet Budha is at a distance of one lakh Yojanas from planet Shukra (one Yojana is equal to 11 kms). His chariot shines in white. This chariot is pulled by horses which match the speed of wind. These ten horses are swetha, pisanga, saaranga, neela, peetha, vilohitha, krishna, haritha, prusha and prushni. This is explained in Matsya Purana. Planet Budha is precided over by Vishnu.

Astrological details:

Budha is situated in the North East position in the form of a bow in the planetary orbit. He lords over Mithuna and Kanya rasis. Born in Magadha, he belongs to Atreyasa gotra and his birthday falls on the Seventh day after the no-moon day on Wednesday in the month of Margashira in the year Angirasa. He was in Poorvabhadra nakshatra. Worship of Vishnu is recommended to appease this planet. A vrata is performed on the new moon day to pacify this planet. According to the procedure prescribed, it is required to give away a white tusk of an elephant, a green cloth, green gram, gold, camphor, a weapon, a fruit accompanied by a delicious meal to a brahmin.

Of the nine precious gems, Budha favours Emerald. Budha’s dasa is said to be of 17 years. Budha influences business. This planet gives knowledge, astrological knowledge, efficiency in work, sense of humour, literary ability and mathematical prowess. Black water-lily, wax flower (Sampangi), flowers in black and red colours, green gram, cow ghee, curds and grape juice are favourite material to Budha.

Budha’s beejaaksharaas are:

Om Braam; Breem; Broum; Saha; Budhaaya Namaha

This mantra has to be chanted 17000 times to get rid of the malefic effects of this planet. In a horoscope, Budha resides for a month in each zodiac or house. When he is in 2,4,6,8 and 11 houses, gives favourable results. Budha is the lord of Aslesha, Jyeshta and Revati stars. He befriends Ravi and Sukra but is hostile to chandra. He is neither enemy nor friend (neutral) to the planets Kuja, Guru and Sani. Budha’s orbit is approximately 360 lakh miles away from Ravi or Sun. From Earth his orbit is 164134 yojanas. Budha is at his best in Kanya rasi and at the worst in Meena rasi. He is favourable when in conjunction with Guru and Sukra. In horoscope, Budha indicates maternal uncle.


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