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Recognising the immediate need for preservation and propagation of Vedic Knowledge, SHRI VEDA BHARATHI was formed with a team of scientists and scholars following the vedic dictum. 

For achieving the goals, SHRI VEDA BHARATHI has drawn several time-bound plans and started translating them into action by executing several projects of importance. In the process it has chosen to extract the power of sophisticated

computers and apply the same for conducting research in Vedic subjects.  With this, it is proposed to have the most ancient wisdom of the East preserved and propagated by using the latest computer technology of the west.


1. To compile exhaustive information of every mantra with reference to special features of grammar, sciences, arts, linguistics etc., at one source.
2. To have Vedic literature, spreading over hundreds of volumes, brought into compact disks (CDs).
3. To conduct training programmes for the faculty and students of all Universities and Technical Institutes to inculcate Vedic knowledge and familiarise our Sastras through modern techniques and personal computers.
4. To serve the society with scientific knowledge of Vedas, as in the spheres of health, medical and family welfare, etc.,

has created database under MSDOS environment for the following items:
Shukla Yajurveda, Krishna Yajurveda, and Atharvaveda Samhitas (Original text with swaras and english translations) Modem sciences in Vedas Shri Vishnu Sahasranama Strotra with Shankara Bhashya Index systems with reference to Praptha, Anuvaka etc., Computerised text of the six Dharashanas etc.,

Former President of India, Late Dr. Shankar Dayal Sharma, himself a Vedic scholar, evinced keen interest in the project.  When he inaugurated a seminar in 1992 on vedas and Sastras in Tirupati, he suggested to SHRI VEDA BHARATHI to develop 'Anukramanikas' i.e., indexes for the Vedas.  After completion of this work, the scientists of SHRI VEDA BHARATHI were invited by the president to present the results at a special session in Rastrapati Bhavan.  Impressed by the methodology adopted and also after personally inspecting the contents of the project the president has certified it as "EXCELLENT WORK".

Simultaneously the Swamijis of Kamakoti Peetham (Kanchi), Ganapati Sachchidananda Ashram (Mysore), Pejawar Matham (Udipi), Pushpagiri Shankaramatham (Cuddapah), Sri Vasudeva Ashram (Ayodhya), Sankara Matham (Hampi) etc., have extended their holy blessings and conveyed their approval.


In this phase the computerisation work is taken up for Windows environment and for putting the Vedas in CD-ROMs.  The CD-ROMs were designed with multilingual and multimedia features enabling the users to read, hear, watch and feel the contents of the mantras.   The CD-ROMs deal with 19 suktas of the first Adhyaya of Rgveda, with 11 varieties of chanting, viz., 3 Prakritis -Samhita (moolam), Pada and Krama, and 8 Vikritis - Jata, Mala, Sikha, Rekha, Dhwaja, Danda, Ratha and Ghana.  Further each CD facilities to display the mantras in Devanagari script with swara symbols, their meaning in English, Hindi and Telugu, details like Rishi, devata, Chandas and Kamya along with vedic Photo gallery. The Shri Rudram of CD of Yajurveda contained Namakam, Chamakam, Manyusuktam, Purusha suktam, Srisuktam and Mantrapushpam along with Laghunyasam. The CD-ROMs are being marketed at present, with the object of raising resources to continue the project.


SHRI VEDA BHARATHI has simultaneously taken up the research studies of Scientific aspects of Vedas and Sastras.  As part of that, SHRI VEDA BHARATHI has brought out a book on "VEDAS and COMPUTERS" by Shri RVSS Avadhanulu, highlighting and concepts of computer compilers in Vedic Mimamsa. 


Shri Veda Bharathi has identified the need for creating awareness among the educated youth regarding the relevance and ancient wisdom of this land.  It is noticed that educated youth of this country are broadly divided into two groups.  The first group consists of the modem scholars who acquire their degrees like M.Sc, M.Tech., Ph.Ds. etc., under modem education system.  These persons are found to have no knowledge of Sanskrit, leave alone Vedic literature.  The second group consists of the Vedic scholars who have concentrated their total education on Vedic subjects only, but never exposed towards developments of modem science and technology.  Hence there is a need for bridging the gap by introducing the Vedic science to the modem scientists and modem science to the Vedic scholars.  Accordingly Shri Veda Bharathi has conducted several workshops on Vedic mathematics.

Further the following courses are planned for  implementation from the current academic year

1. Degree course in Vedic subjects
2. Diploma in Vedic sciences for modem scientists
3. Diploma in modem science for Vedic scholars


Shri Veda Bharathi is also planning to introduce distance education programmes through the Internet so that those who are interested in Indian culture and Vedic wisdom will have access to the same.  A facility will also be extended for such students to appear for the examinations to be conducted by Shri Veda Bharathi in this regard.


Shri Veda Bharathi is also planning to bring out special CD-ROMs for specific subjects like ancient Indian Mathematics for the benefit of the students and others in this country and abroad.


Donations made to Shri Veda Bharathi are exempted under section 80(G) of Income Tax of India.  Shri Veda Bharathi is also permitted by Govt. of India to collect foreign contributions.  Those who are interested to participate in the project of preservation of Vedic literature and also in the academic programmes either as faculty members or as participants may contact:

Sri K.B. Somayajulu,
Executive Director
Shri Veda Bharathi
53/4/M1, S.R. Nagar,
Hyderabad - 500 038.
Phone: 91-40-3816163

For further information
Mail to:

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