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Swagruhe pujyate murkhaha swagraame pujyate prabhuhu
Swadeshe pujyate raajaa vidvan sarvatra pujyate

A fool is honored in his own house, a landlord is honored in his own village, a king is honored in his own country and a scholar is honored everywhere.

Chalachhittam chaladvittam chalajjeevana youvanam
Chalaachalamidam sarvam keertiryasya sajeevati

Mind is unstable. It loves to think of a variety of subjects at a time. Wealth is transitory. It changes hands frequently. Life is unstable. It goes through the aging process and fades out finally. Youth is transitory. It ends with the age. However, name and fame are stable. Only he who has acquired name lives for ever.

Kokilaanaam swaroroopam paativratyam tu yoshitaam
Vidyaa roopam viroopaanaam kshamaa roopam tapaswinaam

The voice is the beauty of cuckoos, Character is the beauty of women, Learning is the beauty of the deformed and patience is the beauty of ascetics.

Daatrutvam priyavaktrutvam dheeratvamuchitagnyataa
Abhyaasena na labhyante chatvaarassahajaagunaah

Liberality, sweetness of speech, courage and judgement are the four natural qualities, which can not be attained by practice. They come naturally.

Udyoginam purushasimhamupaiti lakshmeeh
Daivena deyamiti kaapurushaa vadanti
Daivam nihatya kuru pourushamaatmashaktyaa
Yatnekrute yadi na sidhyati kotra doshah

Fortune favors the persevering and stouthearted man. Most of the dejected blame the destiny and say ‘Destiny must give us’. Exercise all your powers regardless of destiny. If your hard work fails there will be nothing to blame.

Uttamaa maanamichhanti dhanamaanouhi madhyamaah|
Adhamaa dhanamichhanti maanohi mahataam dhanam

Men can be classified into three categories. Uttama or the best, Madhyama or the mediocre and Adhama or the least. Best of the men seek honor. Mediocre seek wealth and honor. Those in bottom seek wealth. Honor is wealth to great men.

Annadaanaatparam daanam na bhootam na bhavishyati
Annena dhaaryate sarvam jagatetachharaacharam

Donating food is a great deed and there can be nothing equivalent to this-neither in the past nor future. This whole world of animate and inanimate depend on food

Khalaanaam durjanaanaam cha dwividhaiva pratikriyaa
Upaayaat mukhabhangovaa dooratovaa visarjanam

There are two methods to handle wicked and evil. One is to disgrace them by a strategy or to leave them at a distance.

Yasyanaasti swayam pragnyaa shaastram tasya karotikim
Lochanaabhyaam viheenasya darpanaha kim karishyati

(This sloka poses two questions, for which answers are obvious and the questions are as follows:)
What will the shaastra do for him who has no sense of his own? What will a mirror do for him who has lost his eyes?

Parokshe kaarya hantaaram pratyakshe priyavaadinam
Varjayet taadrusham mitram visha kumbham payomukham

A person, though a friend, who causes damage to the business from behind but speaks sweet words on the face should be shunned. That person is compared to a vessel of poison covered with milk on the top.

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