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This section contains information on some of the books basing on the ancient culture, tradition and literature. The price mentioned against the books is as on the date the publishing house gave it to us and is likely to subject to changes. Those interested in getting the books can write/contact the address mentioned below.

Telugu Books

Kautilya's Artha Shastra Rs 300.00
Adhyatma Ramayanam (with Telugu meanings and
explanation) Rs 150.00
Paramahamsa Pratibha
Dr M Sivaramakrishna Rs 15.00
Vivaha Samskaram Rs 16.00
Srimadramayanam (Original text)
Balakandam Rs 25.00
Ayodhyakandam Rs 75.00
Aranyakandam Rs 25.00
Kishkindhakandam Rs 25.00
Sundarakandam Rs 75.00
Yudhakandam Rs 100.00

Srimadramayanam (with meanings)
Balakandam Rs 60.00
Ayodhyakandam I Rs 75.00
Ayodhyakandam II Rs 60.00
Aranyakandam Rs 60.00
Kishkindakandam Rs 60.00
Sundarakandam Rs 165.00
Yudhakandam I Rs 75.00
Yudhakandam II 75.00

Swapnavasavadatta (Telugu translation) Rs 30.00

English books

Constribution of Yamuna Charya to Visitadvaita Rs
Science in Krishna Yajurveda Rs 100.00

For ordering these copies:
Write to Do not forget to give
your e mail ID


Sri Jayalakshmi Publications
Plot No 97 and 98 C, Western Hills, Opp. KPHB
Kukatpally, Hyderabad-72
Phone No 3050986.


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