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Rudrasya Nayanaadutpannaa Rudraakshaa’ means Rudraaksha took birth from the eyes of Lord Rudra (Lord Shiva).

Mythology says, Lord Shiva in order to kill the demons called Tripuraasuraas, closed his eyes and opened them after 1000 years.

Tears ebbed out of his eyes and fell on earth. These tears, to grace the devotees, born as Rudraakshaa trees.

Dr. M.Yogananda Sarma,

The importance of Rudraakshaa is also narrated in Adharvanaveda, Upanishads, Skaandhapurana and others. Rudraakshaa can be used in three ways-to worship, wear and as medicine. Rudraakshaa trees are found mainly in Nepal, Darjeeling, Konkan, Mysore and Kerala in India, some parts of Indonesia and Java islands.

Rudraakshaa eliminates the ill effects of the planets, physical ailments, increases intelligence, confidence and peace of mind (Linga Puraana). They are available in brown, black, orange and dark red colours.

It is said that there are incidences of spotting 22-faced Rudraakshaas. However, one to fourteen faced are available in common.

Effects of wearing Rudraaksha:

EKAMUKHI (1 faced): Vision of God, wealth, eligibility for upliftment, will power etc.

DWIMUKHI (2F): Wealth, word power, good vision, family, worship, development etc.

TRIMUKHI (3F): Naagadosha parihaara, Kaala sarpa dosha parihaara, Triguna raahitya, etc.

CHATURMUKHI (4F): Knowledge, good family, possessing vehicle, mental peace, elimination of psychiatric problems, etc.

PANCHAMUKHI (5F): Best for japa and to wear.

SHANMUKHI (6F): Subrahmanya dosha nivaarana, elimination of enemies, diseases, debts, physical ailments, etc.

SAPTAMUKHI (7F): Good family, life, business, partnership, agreements, etc.

ASTAMUKHI (8F): Prevention from accidents, surgeries and unexpected damage to life. This also helps in getting unexpected wealth.

NAVAMUKHI (9F): Gives movable properties, bestows the blessings of god, performing charities, mental peace, etc.

DASHAMUKHI (10F): Peace in profession, job, business, life, stability and overall improvement, etc.

EKAADASHAMUKHI (11F): Improvement in finance, life, children’s affairs, family conditions, property, help from friends, etc.

DWAADASHAMUKHI (12F): Protection from loss of wealth, insult, harassment from higher-ups, ill health, etc.

TRIYODASHAMUKHI (13F): Protection from enemies, winning court cases, police cases, etc.

CHATURDASHAMUKHI (14F): Provides protection form black magic. Allows to enjoy power, politics, wealth and business. It gives positive results for contractors.

Wearing Rudraaksha in general, even without being particular about the above mentioned specifications, would keep one happy and prosperous.


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