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The ancient art and science of Pranic Healing
By S P Vaidya, Pranic Healer

Scriptures of ancient Indian heritage reveal that there are five types of bodies 1.Annamaya Kosha, 2.Praanamaya Kosha 3.Manomaya Kosha 4.Vignanamaya Kosha and 5.Aanandamaya Kosha.

Pranic healing involves the healing of Praanamaya Kosha (Bioplasmic body), which in turn cures the diseases of the Annamaya Kosha (Physical body).

Pranic healing is the process of transfering vital energy in Praana or life force, which keeps the body alive and healthy, from the healer to the patients. It requires no physical contact and no drugs since the healer works on the bioplasmic body or Praanamaya Kosha rather than the physical body. The energy can be projected to the patients any where in the world (distant Pranic healing). Patient’s bioplasmic aura can also be scanned at distance thereby monitoring the condition of the patient.

The bioplasmic body is the invisible living energy body that penetrates the physical body. This is seen as a luminous energy body. Trained pranic healers can easily feel or scan this aura even without special extrasensory talents. Pranic healing works on the principle that the condition of the bioplasmic body creates the condition of the physical body.

Many of the ailments can be healed by Pranic healing. Some of them are migraine arthritis, asthma, tuberculosis, respiratory ailments, heart, liver, kidney, hypertension, eye defects, malignant tumor, hepatitis, myoma, ovarian cyst, epilepsy, loss of voice, etc.

Some of the mental and emotional disorders that can be healed through pranic healing are stress and tension, anxiety, depression, phobias, trauma, grief, violent patients, compulsive behaviour, etc.

It can also improve the concentration and memory, appetite, growth of children, inter-personal relationship, to remove tensions from married life and to maintain family health, unity, spirituality and prosperity.

In agriculture, this can be used to improve the growth and yield of plants, to find energy value of different types of food and to avoid food poisoning/stomach upset.

Pranic healing offers prevention of serious and expensive diseases. This healing doesn’t claims to supplement medical and other treatments. But it complements them.

The patients willing to take Pranic healing treatment may furnish the following details

Name of the patient
Place of birth and place where the patient is at present
Details of disease
Recent full size photograph (scanned image)
Willingness of patient or his/her guardian
Phone number/email/address

Treatment through e-mail
The method of distant treatment can be used by any patient in any part of the world. The healer identifies the character of the patient and the disease with the help of the details provided as above and goes ahead with charging the aura, which determines the nature of ailments. However, distant treatment will be given by charging nominal fees

OM therapy
Simultaneously by creating/projecting mental vibrations by the sound ‘OM’ treatment will be given.
Treatment will be started only after testing the patient at distance i.e. if patient feels the projected energy and gives consent.
Interested can access this author and the healing method through e-mail

Mail at

S P Vaidya is a post graduate in finance and accounts, authentic Pranic healer. He has undergone meditation and Pranic Healing course at Andhra Pradesh Pranic Healing Foundatin, India, founded by Master Choa Kok Sui. The author has treated many patients suffering from chronic diseases like paralysis, sight, cancer, rheumatic pains, lung infection, chronic fever etc. Now, he wants to treat patients all over the world by distant healing method through e-mail.


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