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Pooja is a part of Indian tradition. However, pooja in the Indian context is not just as simple as reading something from a holy book. All those performing the pooja are involved in the process of worship. This is considered to be a direct way communicating with the god.

Indians have a practice of worshipping god in different forms.

It is said that there are about 30 million forms of god. It is also believed that there is only one sole supreme. There are different schools of worship. Some advocate worshipping the supreme god without a form or a shape since god is considered to be the cosmic power. Others give a form or a shape to the god. It is reflected in the idols they pray. Worshiping Yantras or the algebric forms of mantras encrypted on a variety of surfaces like metal, wood and stone is also a popular form. However, worshiping idols of different gods are the most followed.

Though the methods of worship look simple there are valuable and well supported scientific reasons for following various processes. It is a regular process among Hindus to worship gods in their houses. Most of the houses have a special place to place the idol of the god for worship. According to Vaastu shaastra, North East side of a house is preferred for placing the idol and worship.

Idols of the Ishtadaivam or the god in which one has belief can be made of different material. However, photographs or painitings of gods can also be used for worship. As a daily practice it is common for us to stand before an idol or a photograph and close our eyes to take the name of the god and ask him/her to protect us. However, if one wants to perform a detailed pooja there are various processes to be followed. Each process has its own significance and the pooja will be complete and satisfy the devotee in all respects only if all the processes are followed perfectly. It is important to concentrate on the god or the form of god by controlling the speech, soul, mind, body and actions before getting into the real process of worship.

The general process of performing a pooja and various methods of worship will be brought to you in this section as series. Watch out!



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