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Ghantaanaadam (Ringing the bell)

Ghantaa or bell is a common sight in any temple. Bell has a signficant place in the process of worship. While the bell made of gold and silver produce mild sound it is said that the bells made of copper, brass help in controlling the evils and germs.

Padma Samhitaa says:

Udghaatane kavaatasya prastute poojane tathaa
Aavaahanaarghye swapane pushpe dhoopecha deepake
Neeraajane yavanikaasamuddhaare nivedane
Homa bhootabalau karmanyudvaahe chalanam maneh

The Bell has to be rung while opening the temple doors, praying, worshipping, invoking Gods, offering Arghya, performing the bath to Gods, offering flowers, lamp, Dhoop stricks and neeraajana, opening the curtain, offerings or Nivedana, performing homa, offering Bhootabali and while performing Kalyaana or marriage to Gods.

Naarada Samhitaa says:

Ghantaayaam vaasudevancha jihvaayaantu saraswateem
Taadanam vanhi daivatyam dandechaivatu bhaaskaram
Naadantu eeshwaram proktam ghantaayaamadhi daivataah

Vaasudeva is the lord for the bell, Saraswathi for the handle at the centre, Agni for ringing, Sun for the tip of the handle and Shiva for the sound produced are the other lords.

Padma samhitaa says:

Utsaadanam pishaachaadeh preenanamcha hareh param
Sannidhaanamamartyaanaam ghantaayaaschaalanaadbhaveth

Bell has to be rung for driving away the evils, please Lord Vishnu and invite the Gods who give prosperity to the human beings.


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