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"Aachaarah paramo dharmah".
According to Yaska in his Nirukta- Aachaarya means - "
Aachaaram grahayatiti aachaaryaha"

There is a need to remind most of the fellow Indians in India and residing away from the homeland, about the aachaaras one must follow for leading a peaceful and tranquil life. While one can not ignore the importance of 'Acharya' in disseminating knowledge in the 'Guru-Shishya Parampara', the modern day mechanical life has forced one and all to lead a life of their own despite having respect for the age old traditions and culture.

Acharya Consultancy, in its attempt to blend the latest technology with the rich cultural heritage of the Vedic India, has felt the need for a medium which
will help in recognising the value of an Acharya in implementing the Acharas. But we could identify the information gap in today's mechanical life, owing to
the non-accessibility of Acharyas.

The objective of setting up the Consultancy is to pursue activity related to the Indian culture and tradition. As part of this activity, has come to you. is designed to plug the gap using the latest technology in vogue i.e. the Internet and make Acharya available online. Acharya Consultancy will bridge the gap between the Acharya and the disciple by giving the relevant information on the net. The web site, to be updated on a fortnightly basis, will provide information on various poojas, rituals, beliefs, tradition, vedas, puraanaas etc., in addition to customised information like muhurtas and astrological solutions for individual needs. acharyaonline's panel of pundits and acharyas will answer the queries of the visitors to the site.

Acharya Consultancy has been set up with the support of a team of young professionals of various disciplines like Teaching, Journalism, Management, Marketing and Information Technology. In addition to the information, the site also has provision for various services. The Help Them section of the site will bring to light the information of various associations, trusts and organisations working for the welfare of the needy. The profiles of individuals in need of help for some life saving treatment will also be published, calling for some help from individuals or organisations who have resources and will to help.

The Ask Us section will address the traditional needs like muhurtams, astrological queries, arranging purohits for rituals and other queries regarding the content provided in various sections. has a Showcase showcasing various traditional products, books, literature, audio and video cassettes and other required material for various poojas and rituals. This will be developed into an e-com section soon.

Acharya Consultancy
H.No. : 12-11-1390/62,
Sanjay Gandhi Nagar,
Jamai Osmania, Sec'bad-361.
Phone No.: 7073547.


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